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Ayahuasca ALS Treatment Pilot Study

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Ayahuasca ALS treatment trial in progress – Current number of participants: 28 (Sweden, United States, Belgium, Finland, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Colombia, Argentina, India, Croatia, Australia)

Last Updated: January 2018

Based on recurrent response to the original article, a pilot study has been initiated in order to create the incentive necessary for researchers to fully investigate the potential of ayahuasca plants for treatment of ALS and neurological diseases in general. It will also serve the purpose of informing people about medicinal use of ayahuasca as a natural medicine based treatment option for ALS and related neurological diseases.

Many concerned people have contacted the Ayahuasca ALS Treatment website, questioning why further studies on the specific subject matter are not being conducted at this point. The answer being the general absence of awareness regarding the medicinal value of these potent plants and their possible role in the future treatment of ALS and other neurological diseases. With individuals representing a community of people coming forward to present their experiences from using these medicinal plants, in the organized context of natural medicinal treatment, the documented results will hopefully provide the cause for thorough scientific evaluation to be made.

Have you been using ayahuasca plants of any kind, for any period of time, in order to treat any of the following conditions?:

  • ALS or other type of motor neuron disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Other neurological condition

Are you considering using ayahuasca plants of any kind within the near future, in order to treat any of these conditions?:

If yes – Would you be interested in providing your personal evaluation to this website for the eventual publication of the results gathered? Your contribution may greatly help the cause for finding and making viable natural medicine based treatment options known. All useful results will be presented to researchers and institutions within the field of neuromedicine. Your privacy will be respected, and none of your personal information openly published unless requested by you personally.

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There are at this moment 28 patients diagnosed with ALS, from sixteen different countries, participating in this project, evaluating this natural form of treatment. The number of participants will be updated continuously as others join, and the eventual results are to be made public on this website. Follow-up documentation of participants who continue with long term treatment will be posted on this website along with development updates of the Ayahuasca ALS Treatment Project.

Visit the latest results page for interviews:


This is a non-profit, independent, volunteer type of project – where you and others have the opportunity to pioneer natural medicinal treatment research regarding ALS and similar neurological conditions, and the general research of entheogenic medicinal plants through your contribution.

Simple correspondense through e-mail will suffice to discuss details of the study and any related questions. Preferably, you should write “ALS study”, “Pilot study” or similar in the topic field to ensure proper sorting, as I answer an increasing number of personal e-mails on a daily basis. Please provide information about yourself, your diagnosis and current health condition (see below chart) to make personal assessment possible.



  • Name, age, gender and country
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Symptom history and development
  • Communication – is speech affected?
  • Is breathing or swallowing ability affected?
  • Mobility – Able to walk or in need of assistance?
  • Pharmaceutical medications – Any drugs currently being used? Can they be excluded or reduced without health concerns?
  • Diet (Documentation needed listing all food and drink items during 1-2 average days to determine neccessary therapy adjustments)

It’s important to underline that this pilot study is completely unofficial – not an official clinical trial. It is the web-based networking of adult individuals with a common cause and interest in the subject matter, and the sharing of information between people in search for viable natural medicinal treatment options. The author of this site and its articles will take no personal responsibility for the personal health and actions of individuals pursuing this option.

To the people involved who have been in contact with the Ayahuaca ALS Treatment website, requesting the setup of this international project, and to participants providing data to this study: Thank you for doing the ALS community a great service by exploring new treatment options and sharing your experience. Many are awaiting the outcome.

More information and updates will follow.

To support this study, please use paypal. Any donation no matter amount helps to keep this project alive, and to keep research in progress.

Paypal recipient: ayahuascatreatment@hotmail.com





  1. […] is currently an ongoing community-based Pilot Project involving people diagnosed with ALS, and the use and evaluation of this plant medicine, the […]


    • Karen Brubaker says:

      How did the person from Italy get the medicine? My husband has Huntington’s disease. We live in Italy. We would cooperate in the study


      • hellspawndg says:

        All participants obtain it themselves from either it growing wild where they live, from alternative health stores in their area, or import from online vendors of their own preference. They then follow a certain protocol, which is also individually adapted through website correspondence, providing in turn documentation for the study. Please contact ayahuascatreatment@hotmail.com for further information.


  2. Fred Mclaughlin says:

    I’ve had ms for 12 years, drank ayahuasca 25 times in ceremony and 66oz worth over the course of 6 months…
    Are there any studies for me? I have a mri series since the first time I drank it in 2011. I am also on no medications for ms, and am doing somewhat ok. At least better than the day I first drank it 3 years ago.



    • hellspawndg says:

      Many people with MS seem to benefit to some degree from regular ayahuasca consumption, mostly in the symptom relief department. (I have only read about a few women claiming having been outright cured, but that is something I can not confirm). Most people with this type of experience say diet plays a substantial part – as it obviously does in healing/managing many diseases. Finding and combining the right symptom-reducing diet with maintenance ayahuasca medication is most likely key. May I ask if you follow any particular diet related to treating your MS? As I’m sure you know, there are several different dietary approaches out there, such as anti-inflammatory diets focusing on vegetables and healthy fats, while minimizing grains/dairy for instance. This is not me telling people what is best for them on an individual level, what to eat or not to eat, as it is up to each person to find out what works best for them. It needs to be brought up though, that in order to maximize the uptake of the ayahuasca alkaloids (or any nutrients in general for that matter), one needs to have a healthy and functioning digestive system. This will also reduce the chance of the body rejecting the medicine. Prematurely releasing the brew, wether through bowel movement or vomiting, means less of the alkaloids being kept in the body to do its work. Finding the proper medicinal dose amount and optimal frequency taking the ayahuasca medicine is something to consider, as is fine-tuning the proportions of the brew. Many people will tell you that a smaller amount used more often, seem to work better than a larger amount taken with longer periods of time in between. I do not know of any studies currently being made, regarding MS and ayahuasca specifically. If you send me an email (ayahuacatreatment@hotmail.com), I could send you a questionnaire form for you to fill in the details regarding your experience with the medicine, if you would like to share this information with others. Your review would surely be valuable to other people in your situation.


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  9. jilli13 says:

    Hi I’m in South Africa, I’ve been diagnosed with CIDP aka chronic inflmmatory demyelinating polyneoropathy, I’m loosing feeling and function in my hands and feet slowly progressing further and further up each limb. I would like to take part in the study if its still possible


  10. fabio rocil says:

    boa noite
    Me chamo Fabio tenho 49 anos e minha esposa esta com esclerose lateral amiotrofica
    Estamos procurando td tipo de tratamento que possa nos ajudar a combater essa doença terrível
    Gosariamos de participar de pesquisas como voluntários
    Realmente estamos a procura de um medicamento ou algo. Que possa curar ou minimizar os males dessa doença
    Por favor me retornem
    Gostaríamos muito de poder ajudar nas pesquisas ou o que for preciso


  11. […] Trenutno je u tijeku međunarodni pilot-projekt koji uključuje ljude kojima je dijagnosticiran ALS, a koji koriste ayahuascu kao lijek. Trenutno se prikupljaju i procesuiraju podaci, a želite li pratiti ovaj projekt, to možete ovdje. […]


  12. douglasdiasprotocolo says:

    Hi, I sent you an email. Please check if you received.


  13. katherine howard says:

    Hi I have emailed you twice about this study my friend would like to participate he has ALS. Could you contact me please? Regards.


  14. […] is currently an ongoing community-based international Pilot study involving people diagnosed with ALS, documenting the use of this plant medicine, the gathering and […]


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